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Hi, I'm Andrea (or Andre if you want), a 17 y/o guy from Italy who loves tech and cute things, I'm not really good at programming but I can manage to do some stuff when I have the perseverance. I'm in love with tech since I was born, my first PC was a Windows 98/2000 prebuilt of which I don't remember the brand; the next one was an Acer Aspire with Windows XP on which I've spent a lot of time, it got upgraded to Vista some years later and the rest is all history (considering also the ThinkPad and HP I had in that period). Years later I have cultivated a love for operating systems, especially Linux-based distros; I mainly test them in VMs but I also use my hosts to install them when I want. On September 2022 I've also discovered osu!, a rythm game of which I started playing a lot.

What I'm doing

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